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The Carly P Reilly Show

Jan 28, 2022

On this week’s Overpriced JPEGs weekly recap, Carly brings back recurring guest, Zeneca_33 for another Moment of Zen(eca)! The two talk macro & micro market updates,
projects they’re keeping their eyes on, price predictions for Cool Cats Pets, and debate the pros and cons of CC0 in the NFT space. Plus, they rebut...

Jan 26, 2022

With OpenSea hinting at a potential IPO in the future and LooksRare swooping in with a vampire sneak attack, it's clear that the war for top NFT Marketplace is starting to heat up. Who will come out on top?

Here to discuss this 4D chess match are some of the space's most influential thought leaders and returning guests:...

Jan 24, 2022

Jeremy Jenson (@JeremyJenson_) & teMpo (@_teMpoFU) are the Co-Founders of DeadHeads, a multimedia NFT project that’s disrupting Hollywood. How? You might be wondering. One of the many ways is via the technical innovation behind their animated series that allows for distributed IP!

Imagine minting The Simpson’s couch...

Jan 23, 2022

An Overpriced JPEGs mini release! After my conversation with Jon Rogers, frmr Disney Studios exec, many of you had the same question: what about the Disney NFTs that came out on Veve?! Why didn’t we mention them? What should people know about that deal?

Well, ever the intrepid interviewer that I am, I went back to get...

Jan 21, 2022

In this Overpriced JPEGs weekly recap, Carly gives her analysis about the current state of crypto and what it means for NFTs. She also covers innovative new projects and drops such as Rug Radio by Farokh and Cool Cat Pets!

Once again we see tech companies making huge acquisitions this week. Microsoft acquired the gaming...